At What Age Do Men Be Sexually Inactive?


At What Age Do Men Be Sexually Inactive? The simple answer is after the 70s. On average, 30% of men after 70 years of age go completely inactive from sex. Till all aged men have stronger sexual desires than women. As time passes, the passion, attraction, and pleasure go lower.

However, this is the average report, explained by doctors. A patient can be sexually inactive before the 70s or 50s also. It depends on your physical and mental health. Most probably, erectile dysfunction eliminates the ability of penis erection permanently if not treated timely.

So this guide discusses sexual attraction in aged groups, the average age for ED, and much more.

What is Sexual Desire Or Sex Drive?

Sex drive or desire refers to sexual attraction in adults. The interest in sex depends on hormonal activity in the brain. Testosterone and estrogen are two primary brain chemicals that regular sex drive in adults’ bodies. Talking about sexual attraction or desire, it depends on person to person. Some patients tend to have sex daily or at certain times weekly. Indeed, youngsters are most active sexually.

What Age Group Is Most Sexually Active?

The desire for sex reaches to peak while you are in your 20s. Young people tend to have more passion and sexual pleasure than others. As time passes, the attraction goes lower. In most cases, the average youngers have sex two times within a week or 112 times per year.

Generally, it depends on person to person. At 18 – 20, most adults’ bodies include higher testosterone levels. The average male body has 679 ng/dL testosterone. In your 20s, the level comes to a peak.

As time passes, the desire and hormone levels decline. However, this is when you get anxious about sex due to inexperience. Besides, this is when symptoms of the sexual disorder (ED) are recorded in the male body. On average, 18% of males reported such dysfunction in recent days. Doctors mostly blamed poor mental health behind the disorder.

In this condition, the majority of doctors suggest taking ED pills. Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc., tend to kick start erection within 30 minutes. The most prescribed dosage is Cialis 20mg. Therefore, patients can improve their sexual performance after taking the medication.

“Still, vital precautions and warnings should be followed while taking ED pills.”

Women in 20s

While women in their 20s experience more fertility than others. You might become more selective while having sex. At the end of your 20s, you may become more desire for sex. Indeed, women’s sexual desire is more complex than males’. Female sexual arousal more depends on mental, psychological, and social health.

How did Sex change After the 30s and 40s?

At the age of 30s and 40s, you should be considered an adult male or female. Now you have more pressure for family, work, personal life, and others.

In most cases, patients may suffer from poor mental health. Challenges like stress, anxiety, depression tend to weaken their sexual life. However, it depends on the patient’s physical and psychological health.

Many adults are still fit enough to maintain good sexual life, while others do not. Medically, at the age of 35, testosterone level goes lower timely.

Typically it varies between 270-1070 ng/dL. An average adult should maintain 300-1000 ng/dL testosterone in their body. It should be considered normal.

While the desire for sex in women might be the opposite, studies show that females between 27-45 desire more frequent and intense sex than younger.

However, pregnancy is a situation that impacts most women’s sex life. Your body goes through hormonal changes, stress about babies’ safety, and others during the period. You may lose more energy, time, and interest from sex at this time.

How did Sex change After 50 and Above?

Now, this is the stage where erectile dysfunction is common. In most cases, male patients may suffer from heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. These challenges tend to make sex life weeker. Still, many patients can live healthier lives than others. It depends on your physical and mental health. On average most patients have sex twice weekly or more.

Generally, the testosterone level in your body comes down more than before. Still, you might be able enough to have satisfying sex. However, the desire or attraction may not become the same as your younger age.

Women in their 50s go through vaginal dryness, lower estrogen, and menopause. Now you may not get enough desire for sex. Besides, anxiety, stress, and family pressure can affect your mood. Therefore, taking a doctor’s consultation is the best way to treat your sexual life in this stage.

Average Age For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that tends to weaker penis vessels. Therefore, blood doesn’t flow sufficiently from the muscles and gets a poor erection. The following patients may not maintain an erection or don’t stay long in bed. 40 and above is the average age for erectile dysfunction. 

Still, there are possibilities of getting sexual dysfunction in your 20s and 30s. It depends on your physical, mental health, addictions, and others. Generally, ED varies on specific diseases, medications, addictions, mental health, and other physical conditions.

Diseases like Heart problems, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Kidney issues, High cholesterol, etc, tẹnd to make arteries, nerves, and vessels weaker and thinner. Therefore, blood doesn’t supply to the penis to generate erection. That’s why patients can’t get a firm erection during their intimacy. 

“There are several treatments available for Erectile dysfunction. Consult with a doctor before taking any steps toward the disorder.”


So above are the detailed guides about how often men become sexually inactive. As a reminder, 70-85 years old is the stage when patients lose their sexual desire. Above the age, sexual attraction is average or higher for most patients.

People with solid physiques and good mental health can perform better sex than others. Specific diseases like ED, diabetes, heart problems can affect your sex life negatively. Therefore patients should take regular consultations after a certain age.

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