How Does Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Can Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Yes, it can. Fat around your waist can cause multiple underlying diseases, including Erectile Dysfunction. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and weak mental health are the primary reasons behind belly fat. If the challenges are not treated timely. Patients may suffer from various health issues like high BP, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, etc.

ED is associated with overweight/obesity. Indeed, sexual dysfunction is the cause of poor erection in the penis. In this condition, patients experience a lack of desire during intimacy. Their penis suffers from a lack of blood circulation. Thus, the patient can’t maintain a firm erection or doesn’t last long in bed.

This guide gives you details of belly fat causes, treatment, side effects, and more.

Can Be Overweight Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Being overweight can cause various health issues in the future. Most common are heart issues, diabetes, high BP, asthma, etc. All these challenges can trigger erectile dysfunction after a certain period. So following are the most common diseases that influence ED in men.

Low Testosterone

Men with lower testosterone tend to suffer from obesity or are overweight. Besides, stomach fat can negatively influence the production of “T” hormones. As a result, the patient experiences lack of desire or sexual attraction. In the future, the challenges can trigger sexual disorders.

Indeed, testosterone is a vital chemical that regulates desire in men. The lower level of this hormone can negatively affect your sexual life. The lower level of this chemical can also cause followings

  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Muscle loss
  • Hair loss
  • Erectile dysfunction

Poor Blood Circulation

Erectile dysfunction primarily occurs due to poor blood circulation in the penis. In most cases, vassals become weaker and thinner. Thus, sufficient blood doesn’t flow during intimacy. As a result, the patient can’t achieve enough erection for sex.

Being obese or overweight can cause similar challenges in your body. Unhealthy diets include sugar, fat, and cholesterol. As a result, the following compound gets stuck in arteries. Thus, blood doesn’t pump throughout the body, including penis muscle. So patients experience a lack of desire due to obesity.

Besides, belly fat can also damage endothelium tissue (a thinner line between heart and blood vessels ). It can affect the release of nitric oxide in the patient’s body. This molecule is vital to relax penis muscles and boost blood flow.

Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction in Men

There are multiple reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. Medically, it depends on patients’ biological, physiological and social health. Certain diseases, medications, habits, etc can trigger the sexual disorder. In most cases, the following conditions mainly cause ED.

Obesity – Overweight can damage your blood vessels and make them weaker. It can trigger ED in the future.

Heart problem – Poor heart includes weak and thinner arteries. Thus, blood doesn’t flow in the penis during intimacy.

Recent surgery: Serious operations can make nerves weaker and damage. In this case, vital brain signals don’t flow in the penis area.

Diabetes: This disease can reduce the production of testosterone hormone. Besides, diabetes can also be the cause of weak blood vessels.

High blood pressure: Patients with high BP make their arteries damaged within a short period.

So above are the primary reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. There are multiple treatments available for the disease. The most common are ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. These medications boost blood flow in the penis and kick start erecting within 30 minutes. Patients can perform satisfying sex after taking one ED tablet. 

(Note: Patients should start with lower doses such as Cialis 40mg or Levitra 40mg or should follow doctors’ guidelines for recommended dose.)

What Causes Belly Fat in Males?

There are mainly three common reasons behind belly fat in males: Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress or anxiety. Certain foods, harmful addictions, poor sleep are other reasons behind being overweight. You can avoid gaining excess fat by pursuing healthy habits and enough physical exercise. So below are the seven causes behind belly fats in males.

Sugar and Beverages

Artificial sugar in pastries, muffins, chocolate, etc can increase your abdominal fat. Artificial sweeteners, sucralose, etc primarily increase GLUT4 in cells. These functional changes can develop fat in your abdomen.

Beverages also contain sugar and are also high in calories. Soda, candy, beer, etc drinks include extra calories in your body. As a result, excess fat is stored in your belly area.


Destructive addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc can make your sex life worse. Too much alcohol can also increase belly fat in men. Indeed, this drink contains a high number of calories and sugar. Excess consumption can cause abnormal appetite, reduced fat oxidation, poor sleep quality, etc.

Too Much Trans Fat

This compound is known as unhealthy fat. Artificial trans fat can cause insulin resistance, cancer, heart problems, and other diseases. This compound also promotes the storage of fat in your abdominal area. Baked and cheap foods are the main source of this compound. So keep yourself far from these products.

Lack of Physical Activity

Poor lifestyle and lack of exercise are other crucial reasons behind excess weight. Regular workouts help to burn excess fat from your function. Thus, you can avoid getting overweight by performing exercise daily. Doctors suggest taking at least 150 min physical or training sessions daily. Patients who sit for a long time have high chances of getting belly fat.

Low Protein Intake

Protein is a vital nutrient for muscle building and strengthening your body. This nutrient can keep you full for a long time. So you can avoid stomach panic after taking the diet. A sufficient amount of protein also contributes to metabolism rate and calorie burn. So include a high protein diet in your daily meal to avoid belly fat.


Negative or excessive thoughts increase the cortisol hormone in your body. These changes can influence the sugar level in your bloodstream. As a result, you gain more weight in the future. To perform regular exercise and medication to control your mind.

Poor Sleep Cycle

Sleep disorder or lack of rest can also lead to weight gain in men. Indeed Poor sleep cycle negatively impacts your metabolism rate. Thus, your body doesn’t burn excess fat and get stored timely.


So above are the detailed answers to your question “Can Belly Fat Cause Erectile Dysfunction”. Keep in mind excess fat can lead to severe health issues that trigger ED. You need to perform regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep to avoid such challenges. Suppose you have any symptoms of sexual dysfunction. You can take ED medications. These drugs help to get a firm erection within a minute.


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