Vardenafil is an Erectile dysfunction drug for men. ED is a sexual disorder. It causes poor erection in men’s penis. Older patients mostly suffer from this dysfunction. However, most youngsters face such difficulty in recent days. Doctors say bad addictions, and lifestyle is two common reasons behind ED. It is a potent drug that boosts blood flow in the penis. Thus, patients can get a firm erection for better sexual activity. Still, vital precautions should be followed before taking these drugs.

What is Vardenafil

Vardenafil is a drug to treat Erectile Dysfunction. This medicine is mostly available in tablet form. Thus, patients should intake the pill directly from the mouth. Multiple strengths are available for this drug such as Vardenafil 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. 

Consult with a doctor to know your accurate dose. Indeed, all strengths are not good for everyone. This drug mostly looks like orange-colored and round-shaped tablets.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals is the official manufacturer of this medicine. They sold this drug under the brand name Levitra. However, Generic Vardenafil is also available in the market. These drugs contain Vardenafil as a primary compound. Still, the drug sold a variety of brand names. For example, Staxyn, Mvitra, etc.

The food and drugs administration approved this drug for ED. Thus, it is safely used by patients and doctors can prescribe the drug easily.

Structure of vardenafil

Checmical Structure of Vardenafil

How Does Vardenafil Drug Work?

This medicine is a PDE-5 inhibitor that blocks certain enzymes. Besides, this drug also influences sex-boosting hormones. The following chemical changes work to relax certain muscles and boost blood flow in men’s penis. Thus, patients can get a firm erection and effectively perform well in bed. One tablet is enough to kick start the process within 30 minutes. In most cases, the effect lasts for 4 hours. However, it depends on the patient’s health, age, and doses. Still, there are possibilities of getting satisfying results. Most males can perform multiple sex attempts after taking the drug properly. Indeed, this drug reduces the refractory period in men’s bodies. Thus, patients can quickly prepare for the next intimacy.


Recommended ways to take Vardenafil tablets

This drug is associated with multiple side effects. Thus, patients should strictly follow the doctor’s guidance. Otherwise, it will cause unwanted health issues in the future.

  •   These are oral pills that shallow with a glass of water
  •   Take the tablet 30-60 min before sexual activity
  •   These are daily pills that start with lower doses
  •   You can also intake the pills only when needed. A Doctor’s consultation is mandatory to avoid any health damage.
  •   Doctors mainly suggest daily doses between 2.5mg to 20mg.
  •   One tablet is enough for a day
  •   Do not overdose on the tablet
  •   You can intake the pills on empty stomach or after a meal


Vital precautions and warnings

Strictly follow the doctor’s guidelines and carefully read label warnings.

  •   It is not recommended for women
  •   People below 18 years old should avoid the drug
  •   Do not consume any other ED pills along with this drug
  •   People over 65 years old should consult before taking the drugs
  •   Pàtients with serious illnesses should check with a doctor first. Diseases like high BP, heart problems, blood pressure issues, kidney damage, etc tend to interact with the drug
  •   Nitrates, Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide, etc drugs tend to occur negative effects
  •   Grapefruit juice, fatty meals tend to lower the drug effect
  •   Do not miss or skip your daily doses
  •   Consume the entire tablet without chewing, breaking, or crushing


Side Effects of Vardenafil Drugs

  •       Redness
  •       headache
  •       dizziness
  •       blurred or changes in color vision
  •       insomnia
  •       stuffy nose,
  •       nosebleed
  •       muscle or back pain,
  •       upset stomach



Is vardenafil better than Viagra?

Studies show more potential results after taking vardenafil than a viagra tablet. However, both work in a similar way to treat ED. Still, vardenafil is best for long-term results.

How long does vardenafil take to work?

In general, It takes 30-60min to kick start the erection.

Is there a generic version of vardenafil?

Yes, there are several generic vardenafil drugs available in the market. Such as Levitra.

How much vardenafil is too much?

More than 20mg within 24 hours is considered too much for patients.

Can you take Cialis and vardenafil together?

Do not consume any other ED pills if you take vardenafil. It causes serious side effects in the future.

Does It require a prescription?

Yes, A valid doctor’s prescription is required before purchasing the drug.