Privacy policies

Your data is usually stored in the form of cookies when you browse the site. It can be stored on the server for your own safety. We promise you the non-disclosure, selling, or sharing of your data with anyone, not now or in the future.

Account Details

Once you create an account, we can ask you for a few details related to you before starting to render the services and products. The information can include name, contact number, email id, shipping address, and billing address.

You can edit or change the information anytime you wish. You have full control over the information that you provide us.


We take every preventive measure that we can to protect your information. The payment when made by the users, is authorized using SSL encryption, which authenticates on both the ends of the payment transaction. It protects your money and bank details from getting hacked.

Query Related Information

You have the authority to find the information if it is not precise enough to assure the safety. Feel free to ask any question. Call us or reach us out via email.

Duty to Privacy policies

All your data is stored safely with us, and it can be utilized only to ship the medicines and services to you. We don’t sell your data for any promotional or advertising reasons.

Spontaneous Email (SPAM)

We are not into sending any of the SPAM emails or filling your inbox with unnecessary information. If there is an advertisement or a pamphlet you enquired about while making the record, you can quit or deactivate your account.

The email ID and other information provided by you are shared for planned reasons only.