Does High BP Affect Men’s Sex Life: Its Indication, Causes, & Treatment

Does High BP Affect Men's Sex Life Its Indication, Causes, and Treatment

According to the American Heart Association group, high blood pressure affects a man’s sexual life. Indeed, an increasing level of blood pressure can negatively affect your overall health. Most common is a heart problem, stroke, heart failure, dementia, etc. besides, high blood pressure (HBP/hypertension) decreases the blood flow level throughout the body. Thus, a patient experiences poor erection in the penis due to lower blood supply. In this stage, you lose sexual attraction and goes unable to perform satisfying sex. Hence, patients should consult with a doctor if they have experienced such difficulties recently. Otherwise, HBP can occur with permanent health damage.

What is High Blood Pressure

In the human body, less than 120/80mmHg blood pressure is considered normal. 140/90mmHg or higher indicates the increasing level of blood pressure. In this case, your body faces difficulties in pumping blood. Indeed, your body pushes blood against the wall of vessels to keep your body working efficiently. During HBP or hypertension, patients experience several symptoms. Most commons are headaches, chest pain, difficulties in breathing, etc. HBP can seriously damage your arteries (elastic wall of vessels). In the future, these vessels lose elasticity and suffer from a lack of blood & oxygen.

Can High Blood Pressure (HBP) Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Keeping blood pressure normal is essential to prevent health damages. Indeed, HBP puts excess strain on your heart and other organs. Besides, hypertension can reduce the blood flow level throughout the body. It can cause several damages in the future.

Talking about Erectile Dysfunction, which is the cause of poor blood flow in the male penis. As mentioned, hypertension tends to damage arteries and reduce their elasticity. Thus, your penis cannot get sufficient blood flow that generally delivers from vassals (arteries). So erection goes stop, and patients experience a lack of sexual attraction during intimacy. Indeed, this difficulty is known as erectile dysfunction. If your husband has high blood pressure, immediately take him to a doctor’s clinic. As time passes, hypertension can seriously damage internal organs efficiently.

Causes Behind High Blood Pressure

Indeed, high blood pressure varies on your physical and mental health. Besides, certain diseases and medications also tend to trigger hypertension. Below are the most common reasons behind HBP:

Bad addictions

Addictions like smoking tend to damage your arteries. Indeed, cigarettes contain nicotine which narrows the vessels and makes the walls weaker. Thus, your arteries go unable to supply sufficient blood in the body. Alcohol also tends to increase the level of “renin” ( an enzyme that regulates blood pressure). 

Higher levels of these enzymes can increase fluid (toxin) levels in your system. Besides, it also constricts the diameter of blood vessels. As a result, patients get higher chances of hypertension. Indeed, more than three drinks per day consider too much consumption of alcohol.


During obesity, your heart gives extra force to pump blood. All that effort tends to strain your arteries. Insulin resistance and inflammation are some additional difficulties that occur for overweight.

Lack of exercise

Regular workouts improve your heart health. Thus, blood flow can pump through the body without excessive force.

Too much salt consumption

Indeed, too much salt can damage your blood filtration process. The kidney pulls toxins and fluid from blood cells to deliver pure blood to the bladder. Excessive consumption of salt makes it difficult to eliminate fluid from the blood. Hence, all the unwanted toxins are stored in your system and cause higher blood pressure.


Overthinking, anxiety or stress tend to release a surge of hormones from brain cells. Indeed, these chemicals increase your heartbeat and narrow blood vessels. Hence, continued stress can lead to high blood pressure in the future.

Older age

As patients get older, their body makes some cardiovascular changes. It includes arteries tissues becoming stiffer and contrasting. Hence, their hearts face difficulties pumping blood.

Sleep apnea

Indeed, this is a sleeping disorder that tends to lower blood oxygen levels and increase blood pressure.

How To Improve HBP and Sex life

The most legit way is to consult with a doctor. Experts will examine your overall health and give accurate suggestions as per your health. Besides, there are several ways available to improve hypertension and sex life naturally.

Eat healthily

A healthy diet can improve your overall health efficiently. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, etc. foods keep your heart and other organs safe. Besides, a healthy diet also eliminates toxins and unwanted substances from your body.

Regular exercise

People who perform workouts at least 30 minutes a day live a much healthier life than others. Regular exercise keeps blood flow normal and increases the oxygen level in the blood. Thus, you can get more energy, focus, and calm your mind daily.

Limit your salt intake

As mentioned, excessive consumption of salt increases fluid levels in the blood. As a result, the kidney faces difficulties in eliminating such substances from its function.

Avoid addictions

High blood pressure directly aligns with destructive addictions like smoking and alcohol. The following habits damage your blood vessels and make your overall health worse.


Exercises like yoga, meditation help to keep your mind stress-free. A relaxed mind stays focused, calm, and efficient than others. Regular meditation can keep your organ work efficient and damage-free.

Take accurate drugs

Consult with a doctor to get proper Blood Pressure medicines. Drugs like Diuretics, Calcium channel blockers tend to lower blood pressure effectively. Some other popular drugs like ramipril can relax and widen your blood vessels for sufficient blood flow. However, a doctor’s consultation is required before taking these drugs.

Intake ED pills

If you experience ED (erectile dysfunction) due to hypertension. You can go for ED drugs such as Cenforce, Cialis, Levitra, etc. these ED pills help to get the first erection in the penis. Besides, these drugs also relax blood vessels for effective blood flow. Thus, a patient can get strong sexual attraction during intimacy. However, these drugs include some strict guidelines for certain patients. Consult with a doctor to avoid health damages due to ED drugs.


So these are the detailed answer to your question, “Does high blood pressure affect men’s sex life.” Now you understand that how HBP can damage your sexual life. As a responsible person, you should consult a doctor and take crucial steps to avoid such difficulties.


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