How to Choose the Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

Best Erectile Dysfunctio Pills
Summary: In case you have ever faced a situation in which you are not able to get an erection, it can be termed Erectile Dysfunction. This might be occasional too and hence isn’t an issue to worry about. But at the point when it grows to be a daily issue you will have to look after it. Having stress, anger, and being furious can increase the risk of ED instead. You might not know but about 40 – 70 million men across the globe are having it. Hence you aren’t all alone. Thankfully there are treatment options for it. This text will help you identify the right ED pills for you.

What Are the Tips to Follow While Buying ED Pills Online?

Make a List of ED Pills

There are plenty of ED medications available on the market. Hence knowing about each of them could be beneficial. All four brand-name ED medications are approved by the FDA and can be effective enough

The list of these medications includes

●   Viagra

●   Cialis


●   Stendra

These four medications might similarly look to work but they are different enough. The difference is based on the active ingredients present in it. Viagra contains Sildenafil while Cialis contains tadalafil which isn’t one. 

Understanding the difference between all these medications is crucial. This is why you must initially make a list of all the available medications. Know that minor differences can lead to major side effects for you.

Know All the Alternatives Beforehand

While all these FDA-Approved medications are available on the market their generic versions are cheaper alternatives. And many men might be dealing with some other issues along with ED that as heart problems. These types of men are dependent on other medications such as nitrates for heart health and hence they can’t consume PDE-5 inhibitors. 

Hence it’s crucial to find some natural alternatives too. You can also try out changing habits, quitting addictions, or using herbal treatment options. You also have options of vacuum devices and penis pumps.

Contact A Doctor

Once you feel like you are facing symptoms of ED you must look for ways to treat it but use it only after the doctor’s consent. You must be regularly in touch with your doctor if you are had ED for a long time. This is because there might be some undiagnosed issue with your body. 

There are chances that you might have to face side effects if you consume these pills without a doctor’s opinion. You might not be ok with Cialis but viagra can do it all for you and this can only be decided by an expert.

Decide Based on Effectiveness

Not all ED pills are equally effective for everyone. fildena ct 50 might be effective for a particular man while for others using stendra can be a good idea. Almost all the research indicates that all ED pills are safe and effective to be used. But the delay in action of these medications might depend on your daily habits. 

However, no research proves the superiority of any pill but it will depend on you. You can expect Levitra to work well after eating but that’s not the case with Viagra. Hence it’s advisable to ask the doctor about the best one for you.

Be Aware of How to Consume Each

As referenced above all medications aren’t equally effective. And the method that you follow to take them will decide the effectiveness. Viagra is to be taken on an empty stomach before an hour of having sex. While Levitra is ok to be taken after a light meal and there will be no threat of it being ineffective.

Hence check how you need to consume for better results. You must take these pills with a glass of water. Check the one that suits your needs and follow proper instructions for administration.

Method to Purchase Them

You can easily get all the ED pills from the nearest pharmacy stores. But the thing is you will need a prescription from a licensed doctor. You can also try buying these pills online where you will be asked to answer a few questions.

These sites use questions as a mode to check the patients. These questions will be posted by a healthcare professional. You must check the reviews of the site before you hop on to generic viagra 120mg. You can also ask your doctor about the trustworthiness of the site.


All ED medications are PDE-5 inhibitors that act by blocking the mechanism of the PDE-5 enzyme and enhancing blood flow. Know that your best choice of ED will completely depend upon your expectations and your doctor’s advice. Many might prefer Cialis while others still go for Levitra. The only crucial thing you ought to do is consult a doctor and seek his help to choose the medication.  


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