Why is Morning Wood So Important?

Why is Morning Wood So Important?

Morning Wood is a sign of a healthy physical appearance in a male body. It causes an erect penis after you wake up in the morning. Most boys and men experience such erection in their daily lives. It is more common among youngsters. Still, all aged men feel Morning Wood from time to time. However, many people don’t experience such erection after waking up in the morning. Indeed, it depends on the patient’s health, age, and other factors. In this guide, we inform you of “Why Is Morning Wood So Important,” its causes and effects. By the end of this article, you will know some ways if you have any erection difficulties in the morning.

What is Morning Wood?

Morning Wood is an indicator of getting an erection in the penis. In the doctor’s eyes, it is a good sign. Thus, the patient is capable of achieving a firm erection during intimacy. Medically, Morning Wood refers to nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). A signal of erect penile that occurs for multiple reasons. However, all the inflections are natural that are produced by the human body. It is a safe process that happens mainly at a young age. Indeed, NPT is a natural response from the body. It mostly happens after being influenced by physical and physiological changes.

However, morning wood is a healthy sexual stimulation. It is natural and safe for all aged males. The following simulation can start at an early age. Most commonly, around 6-8 years old. Aged persons between 60-70 years old also experience such sexual simulation. However, the duration and frequency were reduced from time to time. Indeed, It can be the reason for many factors. Patients may have erectile dysfunction and others.

The following sexual stimulation may occur multiple times. And also can last for a long, it depends on physical condition. 

On average morning wood can last for 30 minutes. Still, it depends on men’s health. Few men also experience simulation for 2 hours long at night. Indeed, it varies on what you are dreaming of in those situations. Besides, most “morning wood” also ends within a minute after you wake up. Thus, it depends and is safe, so nothing to worry about.

What Causes Morning Wood?

Indeed, most theories are unable to prove strong reasons behind morning wood. Still, doctors believe in three key factors that start such simulations. The following are below and the most common explanations by experts.

Hormonal changes

Increasing levels of testosterone are one of the first reasons behind Morning Wood. Testosterone regulates the sexual characteristics of the male body. Characteristics such as deep voice, closing eyes, etc. While you sleep, the level of these hormones rapidly increases naturally. As a result, you feel an erection in the penis after you wake up. Thus, it is the reason why older people don’t feel Morning Wood. Indeed, such people produce less testosterone than younger people. Generally, 40-50 years old is a stage where the following hormones start decreasing.

Specific activities on the brain

During sleep, your brain goes relaxed and starts suppressing the erection. For that, brain cells release the glucocorticoid hormone cortisol. The following chemical influences your immune system along with the erection. Besides, testosterone levels also boost the speed to counter cortisol effects. As a result, the erection continues after waking up in the morning.

Physical Stimulation

Last but not least comes physical simulation. During sleep, your eyes may close, but your body is alert from outside activities. Some physical touch of the opposite gender can trigger erection in the penis. Besides, dreaming of intimacy can also boost penis sensation. Thus, it depends on various factors.

Some people think morning wood is a signal of urination. However, it is not valid. Sexual stimulation does not influence urine.

Why is Morning Wood So Important?

Morning Wood is a signal of good sexual stimulation. It ensures that a person is physically fit enough to generate an erection. The frequency and duration of Morning Wood vary from person to person. Some people experience regular erections, and some may not. Sometimes sleeping at the wrong time can stop it. However, it is not a problem. Still, there are chances of getting erectile dysfunction. Suppose you miss morning woods day by day. It can be a signal of poor erection in the penis. However, this kind of shutdown can be the reason for many factors.

●       First of all, patients may not sleep at the right time

●       They may suffer from severe diseases like diabetes, high BP, etc

●       Taking too many medications that cause side effects

●       Patients may suffer from psychological issues like depression

In short, This ensures the person is strong during intimacy. If you miss some days, it doesn’t matter. But if the missing continues for a long time, then it would be a problem. In most cases, ED is a common disease that occurs after morning woods stop for long. Thus, the morning simulation is a healthy signal of the human body. And it is essential to ensure your good sexual health.

Why You are Not Getting Morning Wood & solution?

As mentioned, not getting morning wood can be the reason for multiple factors. Patients may suffer from a severe illness. Or they experience erectile dysfunction. In short, if you see the morning wood stop for a long time. Immediately consult with a doctor to get the best advice. An expert will examine and ensure the real reason behind your difficulty.

Still, If you have experienced ED in recent days. Then it can cause poor sexual life in the future. ED is a disease that causes poor erections in the penis.

In some cases, you need to intake ED pills. For example, Cenforce, Kamagra, Levitra, etc. These are Generic ED drugs that treat poor erection in the male penis. After consuming the tablet, you get a firm erection for better sexual activity. It is a quick and affordable solution to erectile dysfunction.


So that’s all. we hope now you got the answer about Why is Morning Wood So Important. Keep in mind it is a natural process in a man’s body. There is nothing to worry about it. But if you live days without it. immediately consult with a doctor 


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