9 Helpful Sex tips After 60: Frequency, Romance, And Sexual Pleasures

9 Helpful Sex tips After 60

Generally, the desire or frequency of sex after 60 is reduced (twice per month or less). This type of case is noticed in 20 percent of patients. In this case, 43% of adults ( 55-64 ) get divorced due to lack of pleasure. While age raises the chances of getting a divorce may reduce. Still, the percentage is much higher than normal.

“However, Nytimes journal studies show 37% of married adults (60 or above) make love once or more per week. While 16% coupled makes several times within a week.”

Therefore, it is complicated to conclude how often should you make sex after 60. Honestly, it depends on your relationship, desire, and understanding. Here are some senior sex tips which may fulfill your desire to have a healthy sex life after the 60s. 

Senior Sex Tips

1) Pursue Healthy Routine

Staying healthy is the most important factor at this stage. Now you have more time to make love because you are retired. Still, you can’t enjoy the moment if you are not fit enough.

During this stage (after 60) you go through several mental and physical changes. Your bones, joints, and muscles become weaker day by day. Besides, many other internal changes you face in this age. Most probably, patients who have aging and inactivity suffer a lot from such difficulties.

As a responsible adult, you should add some crucial steps to your lifestyle.

  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly
  • Take all vital nutrients or supplements after doctors consultation
  • Be clean and fresh ( wash your hands and other body parts frequently )
  • Try some meditation to relieve stress
  • Take a proper good night sleep daily
  • Make a schedule for annual/monthly physician
  • Develop the quality of prevention instead of cure

2) Accept Hormonal Changes

At the age of 45, adult bodies go through several hormonal changes. In this stage, your body tissues go weaker and decrease the level of sex hormones recorded. Therefore, it can affect your sex life negatively.

In most cases, adult women suffer from dry and thinner vaginal walls. As a result, females suffer from painful sex during intimacy. Besides, the adult male body goes through a sudden drop of testosterone and estrogen hormones. As a result, blood circulation in the penis goes weaker and tends to trigger erectile dysfunction. 

In such cases, pursuing healthy habits, medication and regular exercises are vital to overcoming such difficulties.

3) Overcome Diseases

Arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, etc are some common difficulties you may face after your 40s. Hormonal changes, bad habits, previous challenges can trigger multiple diseases in this stage. Therefore, patients should pursue regular checkups and take proper medications to overcome. Diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, etc can ruin your sex life if not treated timely.

Most women suffer from vaginal dryness and lack of desire at this age. As a result, they cant find satisfying sex and are unable to reach orgasm easily. Besides, sex goes painful for such patients due to dry and thinner vaginal walls. 

As time passes, the difficulties become stronger and more painful. In this case, women can use tube lubrication, vaginal gel, drugs, etc to treat such vaginal dryness. Consult with a doctor and take the best advice as per your condition.

4) Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the most common sexual dysfunction in men. These patients tend to suffer from poor erections in the penis. Thus, the patients can’t perform satisfying sex during their intimacy. Poor blood flow in the penis is the main cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Besides, these difficulties can be the reason for multiple factors. The followings are

  • Certain Diseases and medications
  • Poor physical condition
  • Changes in mental health
  • Bad addictions and more

Erectile dysfunction can weeker the penis tissues and make erection hard to achieve. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc are some effective Erectile Dysfunction drugs you can use to overcome. The following ED pills tend to kick start erection in men’s penis. Therefore, patients can experience strong sexual desire during intimacy.

5) Be Romantic

You have to spend a good time with your partner. Still, the difficulties can make attraction weaker due to multiple changes in your body. In this case, you should maintain a good physical attachment with your wife. Staying romantic is an excellent trick to make love daily. Timely kissing, hugging, and physical touch can help to trigger your sexual desire. In the 60s, adults take time to reach orgasm. Therefore, the couple should make love in the following ways daily.

6) Use Sex toy

Few people maintain better sexual life as in their 30s. So it is difficult to reach the same attraction and desire when you’re old. Therefore, sex toys are the things that help to make better sex during your intimacy. 

Suppose, you can’t stay long in bed due to a poor erection. Thus, you can apply cock rings that boost your sexual stamina. So that you can stay longer in bed after wearing the ring. There are several sex toys available to use. These tools help to make safe, improved, and satisfying sex during your 60s.

7) Conduct Safe Sex

During your 60s you have more chances of getting infections, diseases, and other challenges. Thus, performing safe sex is very much important in this Stage. Patients may want to be intimate with multiple partners. However, it can be harmful if you don’t know the background of that person. Therefore, it is better to wear condoms during such situations.

8) Discuss Your Desires

You may not reach orgasm easily in your 60s Still, you can discuss the desire to maintain a sexual attraction. Fantasies or desires help to reach orgasm easily. Discussing fantasies with your partner helps to make love and enhance attraction before intimacy.

9) Consult with doctor

A doctor is your best advisor who can examine and recommend the drugs as per your health. Regular check-ups, sex therapy, and medications help to treat your challenges. So take time and consult with a doctor when required.


So above are the detailed guide about Senior Sex Tips After 60. Remember, pursuing healthy habits, medications, and doctor consultation is important to maintain a healthy sexual life at this age. You may suffer from physical difficulties due to changes in your body. Still, making love can improve both your mental and physical health effects.


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